September 22, 2008

That’s Huge!!!!!!

Habranthus x floryii ‘Amazing Jumbo’ Zone 8-10
Giant Rain Lily

I purchased this bulb earlier this year and am very pleased that it is blooming already. Habranthus and Zephranthes are commonly known as rain lilies. Both of the genera flower a few days after a rain event. The flower on this one is literally 4-5 inches in diameter. I will be interested to see how quickly it multiplies, and can’t wait until it flowers again.

September 21, 2008

First Time Flowering

Oxblood Lily or Rhodophiala bifida
Zone 8-11

I was so excited to be working in the landscape and see that my oxblood lily was finally going to bloom. I purchased and planted this lily over two years ago and have been waiting for the first blooms. This member of the Amaryllis family is not very common and is more often a pass-along plant. You can occasionally find them available in catalogues and nurseries, but they can be pricey. They do multiply in time. Flowers show-up in late summer or early fall and are followed by strap shaped foliage which persists through the winter before going dormant in spring. This pattern is similar to the Lycoris. I have seen that there are pink forms of this plant as well. I might have to invest in one to add to the collection. If you are looking for a unique easy-to-grow bulb that will reward you with bright flowers at the end of summer, give this bulb a try.