February 4, 2009

This Is Why I Hate Winter!!!!!!!!!!

Large Leaf Begonia Damaged Under a Cover

The 2008/2009 winter season has been a very bad one. Plants that froze early and began recovering have been damaged again by extreme cold temperatures. I have recorded a low of 19.8 F at my house in SW Gainesville. Tonight it is forecast to get down to 16F. This is not why I live in Florida. The following pictures are of some of the devastation in my landscape. I hope that spring gets here soon!

Canna Lilies in Large Container

Cycas taitungensis Damage

Crinum asiaticum var. procerum After Freeze


Alan said...

I hear you on that.

I think we're all going to get a chance to rethink the way we grow in-ground cold sensitive plants since it seems we're all going to have to replant. I'm afraid my young citrus are history. I forsee many feet of extension cord purchases this summer to supplement the frost cloth I bought last year.


Kim said...

Ouch. I was surprised to see your sago got damaged, since I thought they were relatively cold hardy. Or does it depend on the specific species within the Cycas genus?