May 14, 2010

What a Plant

I have really fallen in love with oak-leaf hydrangeas. These native plants thrive in shady areas of north Florida, and are better referred to as Hydrangea quercifolia. These large growing shrubs are deciduous and cold hardy , reported growing through zone 5. In late spring they are coverened by large clusters of white flowers. The blooms persist and add interest even after browning. As they get ready to drop their leaves in the fall, the foliage will provide some fall color in shades of yellow and red. They naturally sucker from the roots, so if you want a single speciman, you should plan for this maintenance task. I find them to be virtually pest free and drought tolerant once established. If you haven't added one to your landscape yet, what are you waiting for?


walk2write said...

I was surprised that hydrangeas do so well here in NW Florida. I planted two of the Endless Summer (mophead?) variety, and they bloom from frost to frost in very little shade.

Joisie said...

Will they grow in zone 10? I hope so!

Brian said...

Update your blog Tom!