January 15, 2009

I Hate Winter!!!!!

This year the weather in Gainesville has been very unusual. We started the cool season with a freeze in late October and it was followed with a very cold November. December came and was unseasonably warm with many days in the 80’s. Plants that were damaged in those early freezes have already started to put out new growth that will be damaged in the upcoming days. Most plants in my landscape are at least a full month ahead of where they would normally be. The following photos show some of my plants with their new growth and some of my cold protection efforts, including a garage full of tropical potted plants. I think I have too many tender plants!!!!!!

Salvia madrensis that froze and was regrowing

Taiwan Cherry in full Flower

Tender Plants Covered

Bromeliad Garden Under Cover

Garage Packed Full!!!

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Alan said...

I hear you about this winter. My young citrus were all properly hardened off for the October/November freezes, but allowed themselves to be tricked into growing with our December warm spell. Even with the frost blankets covering them I lost all the new growth. A gardener learns stoicism or finds something else to do with their time!