January 15, 2009

January in Bloom

Things are quite a bit ahead of schedule this year. The Taiwan Cherry is a full month ahead of last year. Even though it is still winter, the garden still has plants that are putting on a show and with containers, the possibilities are endless!!!!

Amazon Lily (Eucharis amazonica) Putting on a Show

Taiwan Cherry Flowers

Taiwan Cherry Tree in Full Flower

Camelia japonica


Jean said...

Please don't hate winter. It happens every year. I don't cover anything, except to sprinkle a little extra pinestraw.

My Taiwan Cherries bloomed just after the first of January, really early. Narcissus is blooming, even a brave hyacinth. Every year is different. The camellias have been reluctant to bloom. I think they knew something.

Jean, Seedscatterer

Carol said...

I can see why know we northerners all flock to Florida in the winter time... flowers! Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Muriella said...

I am very fortunate that I live in a Tropical Country Philippines. We have no winter in here and we can plant anytime. :)

Best Regards,